5 Tips To Create The Best Online Dating Profile

When you decide to get into online dating, the first step is generally to create an online dating profile that will be visible for the users of the opposite sex to learn a little bit more about, who you are, what you do and what you like. Even if this step seems pretty straight forward, your profile is like your Dating CV, it has to be perfect to spark the interest of the opposite sex. You need to make them want to talk to you. This is not an easy task but we have compiled a guide for you to create the best online dating profile possible.

Tip 1 : Have a compelling profile picture

Most online dating profiles have a profile picture where you can show everyone what you look like in real life. We would advice to take a picture that shows you surrounded by friends and where you are the center of attention. Why ? Because this will allow girls to see that you are a sociable guy that has friends and that your friends see you as an example of the group and like spending time with you.
It is also a good idea to have a picture of you doing something considered cool such as bungee jumping, horse riding, partying or just in a cool place like in a trip abroad for example.
Also avoid putting pictures obviously taken by yourself, this will decrease your value showing that you’re a lonely person that needs to takes his pictures himself.

Tip 2 : Have a fun and engaging Introduction test

This is a really powerful one. Most of the online dating profiles ask you to put a few lines about yourself and what you are looking for. The #1 rule for this part is to show that you do not take online dating too seriously and that you just want to have fun with it and eventually meet new people (if they are cool).
If you have the occasion, always mention any creative part of your life such as painting, arts, music instrument playing or dance abilities. The girls are very sensitive to this kind of passion and it shows that your life is filled with interesting activities. Allowing the girls to see themselves as a part of this interesting life.
Overall paint a picture of your life showing that you are a FUN and loving person that people love to be around. Push forward anything interesting about you. A funny accent, a world tour or a cute pet, all of these will allow your visitors to see that you are an opened and attractive person and that you have nothing to hide on your online dating profile.

Tip 3 : If you’re not successful yet, show ambition

One of the main cliches about online dating is that they generally attract the least successful people, simply because people assume that a person with a certain degree of success in life has many opportunities to chose from when it comes to finding a partner. This is not always the case but in order to fight that cliche we advice that you show the successful parts of your life (without bragging) in your online dating profile.
For those of you who are reading us but did not get success so far, the parade to this is to show your ambitions in life and what you want to do in the future to become more successful. Girls generally don’t need the money that much but they do need a strong leader and they need to feel some admiration for their partner, this creates attraction and makes them want to have you want them. This is reversed psychology in a nutshell.

Tip 4 : Bait for conversation

If you tell everything about yourself in your profile, then, there is no point for a girl to start a conversation with you because you just gave her enough information to say yes or no to the question "Do you want to meet this guy?”. The key in your profile is to give enough information to intrigue the girls that will read them but not enough for them to completely assess who you are and whether they want to get to know you or not. This question should be answered in her mind AFTER she starts talking to you.
In practice, that means that if you play water polo for example, you do not have to state it directly, you can simply mention that you practice water sports. This is a small detail in your online dating profile but this can make the difference between meeting your soul mate or not by having her send the first message asking "What kind of water sports do you practice?”.
This little tip will also give an excuse for a girl that is interested in you to start the conversation. You have to make it easy for them to do so and you will get many more messages, try it out.

Tip 5 : Don’t be creepy

This sounds like a pretty straight forward and unnecessary advice. but after receiving many emails from our readers asking me to assess their online dating profiles, I can tell that many users forget that simple rule, girls don’t want to feel trapped or constrained when they are around with you. In fact, girls are like cats, if you have a cat you will probably understand what I mean right away. When you have a cat and want him to come on your knees. If you grab him and put him on your knees, most of the time he will jump away because cats by nature hate to be constrained. However, if you ignore the cat for a while, you will spark his interest and he will eventually end up jumping on your laps and start purring. Women work the same way.
How can you put this in practice ? Refer to tip #2, Show that you are having fun with this whole online dating game and that you are not desperate for any kind of commitment from the opposite sex. Also, don’t over message girls or respond to them the minute after they messaged you, just like cat, give them space and they will eventually jump on your laps.

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