Dating apps became a part of our daily life and it seems we know everything about them. But a new knowledge is always needed, since technologies grow and women’s mentality is changing.
The most popular categories of girls are Russian, Asian, Latin American. Which one do you prefer? Experienced daters choose universal apps where you can find all categories at once.

Top dating and hookup applications

Progressive relationship platforms aren’t obligatory swipe-based, since people get tired of this shallow principle. Many still prefer classic chatting but with the newest features available.

No. 3. OkCupid

Of course, the list of best apps for international dating wouldn’t be full without this giant of the romantic industry. Yet, it is better rated than annoying Tinder where users are mistreated by each other.
OkCupid is inexpensive and effective way to meet your perfect match or let’s say a travel mate in just a short period of time. Hot girls from Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin countries are happy to meet.

No. 2. Raya

Raya app that used to be for elites only, suddenly became on of the mainstream leaders this year. Girls definitely want quality, as more as Raya can be used both by sugar babies and by cougar women.
There isn’t a long waiting list to join Raya, and the pricing is fair. More and more girls from Russia, Asia, Brazil and other countries are joining this brilliant app daily, with great results.

No. 1. Brilic

Brilic app is certainly out of any competition, since it combines the best traits of other popular dating apps: elements of elite social network, modern chat with multiple features, and a dating blog.
Brilic places the first position on the number of installations in Russia, China, UK, Mexico, and females of many other countries are showing their keen interest as well. Its effectiveness only grows.

How to communicate on the best apps?

When the top quality dating app is found, and we get the chance to meet the best girls there, let’s make sure we won’t spoil the chance. When singles learn to communicate, they find their match quicker.
Internet dating differs from offline meetings exactly due to another way of thinking while choosing the mate. We rely on a girl’s physical attractiveness even more, since it’s all we have to judge.

Extra photos are vital

Always ask a girl to send more photos, especially casual ones. It will help you to see her in a natural daily environment and understand better how she looks. Combine this with video chats.
Do not underestimate the importance of the photos even if you are video chatting often. Remember a girl knows her flaws well and she will know how to hide them in front of the camera.
While casual daily selfies are way more revealing, especially that you get the opportunity to see in which conditions a girl really lives, how her parents and closest friends look like, and so on.
If you like what you see, say that. Use every opportunity to flatter your girl, it will warm her up prior to the real meeting and increase her impatience. Comment positively each selfie or studio photo.

Curiosity is appropriate

Do not be shy to ask many questions. Even if a girl is a bit shallow and lazy due to her young age, you will show your sincere interest this way and learn many general things about her.
If you’re paying for the membership or a subscription, it gives you additional rights such as asking multiple questions. If you’re on the marital agency site, give some extra job to the interpreters.
In any case, do not avoid being curious as there’s nothing wrong about that. Dating experts repeat this advice to all singles, both international travelers and local loners of all ages.

Self-presentation is crucial

When we apply for a new job, we do our best to present ourselves. But it’s totally the same in personal relationships and even in hookups. We need to show we’re worthy of one’s attention.
So, do not be timid to upload your best photos, tell your best stories, without a fear to seem arrogant. Gain some self-confidence and exercise in remembering your brightest moments in life.
Hot girls are basically doing the same when they place the best profile photos, type a long self-description, spend hours on the first video chat. They want to seduce you, so try hard to seduce them too.

How to set up a meeting in real

Lots of men want to meet in real, even if a sexy girl lives far away. But not all westerners travel that much, in fact. So they may feel a bit confused and unconfident when it comes to the real meeting.
Dating experts say, the main thing is to keep the atmosphere of anticipation. Even if you aren’t sure at all, whether you will meet this particular girl or not, even if your vacation isn’t any soon.
Keep on asking about a girl’s readiness and keep on making plans together. It will create very special intimacy between you two, and inspire you to eventually make real steps towards the trip.
Lots of success stories are showing that if a man remains persistent in discussing the possible meeting, new ways are being found spontaneously. There are cases when a girl finds her way to travel to you.
If it isn’t a problem for you to fly to her country right away, organize things smartly. Ask a girl in detail about the district she lives in, the place she is going to meet you at, the exact time and other nuances.
Do your research on the Internet and study other travelers’ reviews, popular routs, safe and cozy spots. Romance can be well-planned too, so use all the advantages of thorough planning.

How to meet several girls

It’s totally natural to have a choice and provide yourself with some insurance once you travel far away and spend the money on tickets, accommodations, all other accompanying bookings.
Moreover, it’s unreasonable to travel for one girl only, even if your feelings or mutual desire already seem strong. Make sure you have several options, and best dating apps do provide them.
Some men tell openly to girls they’re going to meet several ones, and girls realists find this little competition completely normal. Other men hide such an intention to look more romantic and gallant.
It’s up to you which strategy to choose. In any case, chat online with hot girls showing them equal appreciation and care, it will improve your opportunities to meet someone really special.
Do not bring expensive gifts, do not plan top restaurants for the first date. A few small samples of French perfumes, one for each girl, and a box of Hershey kisses for each would be ok.
Once you meet all the pretenders and choose one for sure, and once she appears on each date you invite her to, you can start being more generous and open, but not earlier than that. It’s your safety rule.
These recommendations aren’t difficult to follow, but they bring brilliant results especially if you use the best travel dating sites and apps mentioned in this article. No doubts, you’ll succeed for sure.


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