Women can be so idealistic and tough at times. How to hookup girls of any views, in any country you are traveling to? Casual sex experts are providing a piece of advice for travelers.
The very first thing one should remember, we’re all males and females not depending on our ethnic identity. Have fun and pickup hot girls worldwide who are waiting for your attention.

Online pickup

The majority of us meet single women online on dating apps and sites. How to save your time and get their interest from the first moments? It’s easy to do if you practice certain skills.

Sexy greetings

Strange, we’re joining hookup apps to get laid, but we often behave coldly there. Girls notice that and feel discouraged. Why are we afraid to express our sexiness and real desires? Do not hide them.
Greet your hot girl in a sexy way, but do not forget to mention her profile name and other personal data. Then she will know you desire her and not just any appealing flesh on your way.

Sexy photos exchange

We require private photos from a girl all the time, but rarely send ours. Some men are afraid to go public placing serious positions at work, others do not trust strangers on the Internet.
But that’s a wrong approach that leads us nowhere. If we want a great feedback and quick results, we need to invest something. Do not sponsor strangers financially, instead, invest your naughty photos.

Set up the meeting

You won’t believe how many online daters hesitate when it comes to the real thing. We usually blame girls for being slow in that, but we aren’t spontaneous and determined enough either.
Start discussing the real meeting from your first words. Why not? Even if your trip is planned for the next month or year, it’ll show you whether a girl is serious and willing to get intimate in person.

Day game

Many of us are too impatient to search online for months or to wait until the night out. Why limit yourself? Try day game in a city you arrived to, and pickup girls you like, in any public places.

Eye contact

This simple trick is well-known, yet plenty of men don’t know how to practice it. Do not lick your lips or raise your brows like some magazines advise, it will make girls avoid your company!
A slight gentle smile along with intense but respectful glance is the best way to attract a nice sexy girl. Practice that in front of the mirror and you’ll be surprised how good it works even on the street.

Special voice tone

Men use different tones of the voice while pickuping a girl. It’s amusing but women of certain nationalities tend to reach better on a particular kind of voice. Let’s see how it is on a practice.

Alpha-male tone

If we train enough, we can develop a very masculine tone of voice and combine it with a very confident, even bold manner of speaking. This is how alpha males speak, and Latin women love that.
Not all Eastern European or Asian girls would appreciate that though, since their culture is more delicate and they appreciate politeness over anything else. So hold your inner alpha male back in these countries.

Prince charming tone

Bingo, exactly this tone works perfectly with Russian girls, Singaporean girls, Korean girls. Make your voice sound as soft as possible, smile sweetly, tell the most romantic stories you can recall.
Prepare yourself well, since this magnificent image demands good clothes, splendid cologne, old-fashioned manners to make the set complete. You’ll harvest hot girls like the ripe mangos.

Horny seducer tone

If you have some tricky side in your personality, use it to the fullest for this top pickup strategy. Talk quietly in a tricky way, you can whisper naughty things right to the girl’s ear. Where does it work?
It works in Latin, Asian, Eastern European countries without exception, since all women love with their ears. Just choose the right moment, for example, when she had her dinner wine already.

Night game

We mostly travel to have fun and visit all nightclubs or striptease pubs of the new city. It makes sense to research the reviews from other tourists and compose our list of best places for hookups.
But pickup strategies are important too. The effectiveness of your night hunt will directly depend on your art of pickuping. Let’s see what our casual sex experts recommend to singles in this regard.

Approach her quickly

Saw a sexy girl next to the bar, and she seems to be single? Be sure your competitors will appear very soon! Reach out her rapidly to be the first and the best. Be pro-active and she’ll not refuse.
Ordering her a cocktail, smiling nicely, breathing freshly are the must. But did you know girls also care a lot about man’s smart words? Do not disappoint those hotties and be original.
If you’re telling the joke, let it be non-trivial, so a girl didn’t hear it before. If you’re telling a compliment, may it be not only about her body parts. Once you get to know her name, say it often!

Don’t touch her

A girl knows perfectly you are here to touch her all over. She has the right to call securities if she is against that. But if she likes you, she doesn’t want to look cheap and prefers you to touch her less.
It’s interesting but girls rather agree to hookup instantly than to let a guy grope them in public. Once you get a sign that she likes you back, take her to some place where you can get laid the soonest.

Don’t try to buy her

Escort girls may charge you and name their price per hour immediately. Go-go dancers expect extra tips for hookuping as well. Bar girls in Asia certainly want some pocket money in return.
But if you talk to a normal decent girl, you never know maybe she earns twice more than you do, and she will be insulted by your money offer or bribing her with gifts. Your sexiness is the best thing to offer.

Talk the next meeting

It’s pure psychology, girls try to look monogamous even while having casual sex. They’ll be attracted to you more if you start discussing the next meeting at once. Promise her nice tomorrows.
She will know those are white lies to please her, but she’ll be deeply flattered and respond to your courtship readily. Then grab your hottie and make her feel great with your sky-high libido.
Some men even manage to make the mutual pleasure keener by making common plans right in a bed. It will turn your one-night-stand into the best adventure with a nice romantic atmosphere.


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